SMART LIVING means an end-to-end solution for residents, extras that ensure the rent paid is value for money, residents get looked after and stay longer.

Service On Demand

Smart living is a concept catching up in the real estate market.  Part of this relates to connecting people to their homes to make life easy and comfortable with swift access to information and connectivity to a wider community.  A world where service is multi-track and engagement is delivered at several levels.

Institutional landlord differentiates themselves by a guarantee of service and responsiveness, tech-enabled of course.   Trends these days are that property is consumed, so we work to ensure that service comes as standard whether you rent a room, flat, or penthouse we understand that the property is your home, your personal space where you deserve a heightened level of comfort.   Our commitment is to keep your space clean, clean, and well-maintained inside and out.

Our residents can enjoy the benefits of dealing with an institutional landlord invested in looking after where they live long-term and improving the value of their property – which means looking after you. is operated by Ringley whose sole objective is professional management.  To us, this means service, compliance with rules and legislations, and placing the right importance on quick and quality maintenance and repairs. We love to communicate and pride ourselves on being accessible.

Some of the smart features that SoSouthKen residents can enjoy are:


App Connectivity

We invite you to join the SoSouthKen App.  The Apps exist to make various processes easy for landlords and tenants, and also so that you can scrutinize the fire safety and maintenance records for the communal areas (where we look after the whole building).  IoT devices in each unit help achieve better energy efficiency.  The app also enables you to reach out to others in the SoSouthKen community.



Our residential real estates operate on ‘Green’ principles. Top down ledership places a lot of emphasis on conservational strategies to improve the carbon footprints of properties – so that over time even classic listed buildings can do what they can to perform better. The steps to achieve this include during maintenance and refurbishment using low-energy bulbs, sensor-controlled lighting, green utility tariffs, maximum insulation, grade A** appliances.


The No Deposit Option

Our SoSouthKen residents don’t have to struggle hard to amass five or six weeks rent as a deposit in addition to payment of the first month’s rent in advance.  Through our deposit alternative partner Reposit residents can buy a deposit alternative product which provides six weeks rent cover instead of a deposit, this costs just one weeks rent.


Quality Finishes & A+++ Appliances

SoSouthKen homes stand apart for its easy-to-clean homes and floorings a programme we are rolling out throughout the estate, a programme which also focusses on reducing bills for our residents through energy-efficient heating and A+++ appliances.


No Nonsense Repairs

SoSouthKen homes is synonymous with quality.  That’s why repairs and maintenance tasks are given top priority.  We have a roaming Caretaker who is trained to provide a quick and reliable response so that you can be sure your home is professionally managed and efficiently executed.


Well being

We want our residents to feel happy in the home they choose, this means well-maintained spaces so as not to create a detriment to good living and sound health.  Outside the home, some apartments boast gardens and roof terraces, but Sloanie outdoor living is what South Ken is really all about.  


No Fuss Applications Process

The application process to choose and take a property with us is tech-enabled and hassle-free.  We track the move-in checks and you can e-sign your contract, of course, all handled by a trained team of experts to de-stress the home moving experience as much as we can.


Pet-Friendly Homes

Some of our homes are pet-friendly. Do talk to us about this early on and we will do what we can to ensure that your pets can also move in with you.


Value For Money

Our SoSouthKen homes are more than just mere a place, we want them to feel like your home, a space in a place where you belong.