The Beauty of Living in Classic Period Properties

Classic Period Properties 

Period properties are unique. They come with a certain status and prestige that homes built in the 20th century. The touch of affluence and the distinctive character of these properties makes them incredibly desirable as a place to live, where one can breathe in the richness of the architecture and history, harper back to yesteryear whilst enjoying a modern refit with all mod cons and airy high ceilings and picture windows to boot.

A period property is always characterized by a distinctive style of architecture. There is no definition of a period property, nor does it conform to any specific era. However, the period properties in the UK refer to those crafted in the era before World War I.  In South Ken, these are mostly, Georgian and Regency properties. The discerning resident loves these properties with their original features still intact. The most desirable features in a period property are the high ceilings – no 2.4m ceiling height restriction. 

Large sash windows often lead out onto balconies – perhaps with fireplaces intact. The icing on the cake is the classic ceiling decal roses and restored period cornicing. Properties that survived the renovation boom of the 50s, 60s, and 70s generally have these exquisite period features.  Today, many have been refurbished with modern open-plan kitchens and high-end bathrooms. Around four million period homes were built during the pre-war period and South Ken boasts some of the best.  Here are just a few of the reasons people love them.

Sprawling Rooms

Period properties are synonymous with generous spaces. People are enamored with rooms flooded with natural light thanks to extra-large sash windows;  classic features, such as cornicing and leaving tree-lined streets, are a bonus.

Separate Bathroom And Toilet

Again, another old-fashioned element of period property homes is the separate and extensive bathroom and toilet. They are almost always placed right next to each other, making it super easy for new buyers to create a bigger bathroom if they need.

The Iconic Stained Glass

Stained glass is a regular feature in many all-period properties. Several period properties in South Ken still retain their stained glass front door panels or smaller windows in the rooms or hallway. Stained glasses have something unique and magnetic about them. Those who adore classic period homes will never touch them during renovations, let alone replace them.

Oh, what an entrance.

The black and white diamond tiling to entrance steps and thresholds, and some surviving ground floor hallways, are instantly recognizable.  With the upgrading of lower ground floor accommodation, many are now lost to asphalt coverings, but internally you may still find the original wrought iron railings and staircase spindles and balustrades.

Beautiful Doors, Inside and Out

The doors of homes from the 1800s stand apart for their distinctive paneling. Almost all of them have three separate sections. These doors are a thing of natural beauty. The handles are often placed centrally, giving the doors a unique and distinguishing style.

What Explains The Never-Ending Popularity of These Properties

Despite the passing of time, millions of period properties still stand strong in the UK. Their popularity has stood the test of time and shows no sign of waning. Their elegance and style have stood the test of time.  The admiration of vintage things and these homes steeped in history has seen the popularity of period properties grow in value several times more than modern homes.  Yet when coming home, when one ambles down the leafy tree-lined streets at night, one can almost imagine the coy chattering ladies in their crinoline taffeta dresses, stepping into and out of horse-drawn carriages in the height of party season. It is not just aesthetics that keep these classic period properties high on residents’ wish lists. There is a good reason that these properties are referred to as solid houses. There is no doubt this is right.

Good-quality building materials were abundant in the Georgian, Regency, and Victorian eras. Also, the land was more readily available. There was no compromise on the quality of the material or artistry.  That’s why they are still standing strong even after so many years.  Their ability to be altered opened up, and sub-divided means they are reborn over and over. One can go on and on about period properties, their features, and why residents and homebuyers love them.  But, it is better we simply invite you to come and look for yourself.  Book a tour, book a viewing, reserve, and move in.  Start your journey into South Ken today.