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What South Kensington Has To Offer

South Kensington is home to some of London’s best museums and cultural institutions. It also has some of the most stunning mansions and residences. Over the years, large properties have been converted into apartments.  Yet one can live alongside some of the few rather decadent single-home families.

Exquisite Architecture
What's not to love?

You will be fascinated by the majestic, tall townhouses dotting the streets of South Kensington. They mainly consist of plush apartments and maisonettes.  If you treasure a little bit of nostalgia these types of properties are hard not to fall in love with.


In contrast, you will also find many quiet streets and storybook cottages hidden away from the main view. They are visible from the busy roads through exquisite stone archways which simply take you someplace else. South Kensington is known for its whitewashed mansions and villas towering over small squares.

Living In South Kensington

There are very few places in the UK, and indeed the world, where you can see a place as refined and classy as South Kensington. It is a small neighbourhood but packs in more than you could ever imagine.

Evergreen And Attractive Victorian Homes

South Kensington has a vast number of wide streets lined with trees. You will be dazed by the imposing timeless nature of the incredible stucco-fronted period Victorian houses. These grandeous former houses have mostly been subdivided into apartments, many laterally so, therefore, providing space you’ll want to stay. The South Kensington community has an international feel.  South Ken is a favorite of both city workers due to the Piccadilly line and equally local high-net-worth individuals.